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Korean Film Shooting in Japan Turning Heads1 min read

25 July 2011 < 1 min read


Korean Film Shooting in Japan Turning Heads1 min read

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This hotel lobby in Japan’s Gumamoto prefecture is bustling with people. They are mostly Japanese extras on the film Gamun 4, or the fourth in the series “Marrying the Mafia.”

The excited people were selected from a pool of applicants who wanted to take part in the production of the film. The film also drew a large number of K-pop fans who wanted to keep up to date with the latest in the Korean culture scene.

“I heard from a friend who works here that the film was being shot at the hotel. So that’s why I came.”

The film is mostly being shot on location in Gumamoto, and nearby areas in Japan.
It has been drawing much interest from the local media as well.

“The keen interest was beyond our imagination. After the first news went out, I heard that the hotel we stayed in was booked full by fans.”

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