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One Complex Family, One Complex Country1 min read

21 July 2011 < 1 min read


One Complex Family, One Complex Country1 min read

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Early in Tomer Heymann’s new documentary, “The Queen Has No Crown,” the director’s twin brother, Erez, stares directly into the camera and says in a low, cold voice: “You’re extinction, that’s what you are. “¦ Biologically, you’re useless.”

Tomer is gay, and “The Queen Has No Crown” is full of quietly devastating moments like that. The film premieres at the JCC in Manhattan on Tuesday as part of NewFest, New York’s LGBT film festival, and Heymann is hoping audiences will take his brother’s comments the same way he does – in jest.

“He really loves me,” Heymann said in an interview from Israel, where he lives. “This is the kind of teasing you can only do with people you love.” Still, he acknowledged an undercurrent of truth in his brother’s comments: “Something underneath makes him feel strange about the lifestyle I live. If it’s a good relationship, you can say what you feel.”

How you define a good relationship is at the heart of Heymann’s film. “The Queen” details the breakdown of Heymann’s family, from his parents’ divorce after 35 years of marriage, to his mother’s grief as three of her five sons emigrate from Israel.


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