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Korean Wave casts a spell in Indonesia1 min read

21 July 2011 < 1 min read


Korean Wave casts a spell in Indonesia1 min read

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Indonesia, home to world’s largest Muslim population, has not been spared from the Korean Wave.

In the beginning of this decade, the waves of the Korean cultural tsunami struck Indonesia through a string of soap opera miniseries and romances featuring handsome men and beautiful women with strong storylines, families and featuring the problems of modern life.

Like elsewhere in Asia, the most popular Korean love epic, Winter Sonata, was the first Korean drama ever broadcast on Indonesian TV. Since then, numerous other dramas and films have been shown on Indonesian television channels.

Though these Korean cultural products – mostly popular among girls and middle-aged women – still lagged behind local reality shows in the ratings, they were certainly the most popular among Asian drama series and films.

But why?


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