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La Patrona1 min read

19 July 2011 < 1 min read


La Patrona1 min read

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This short film celebrates the women of La Patrona, Veracruz and their quest for human solidarity.

“Mexico is beautiful but crossing through it without papers is very hard.”

Mexican cargo trains are the only form of transportation for Central American migrants who lack the economic means to travel to the north. La Patrona is a group of women who provide daily provisions of tacos and water to the migrants passing by on the trains, crossing Mexico bound for the United States. These women have been doing so for 10 years.

Tin Dardamal, director of the film, De Nadie, explains in the La Jornada article:

“The acts of [the Ladies of La Patrona] are an example of how we should act as human beings. People have written us to say that you have changed their minds,” said Dardamal during a reunion with the residents of La Patrona.

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