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Call for Entries: SNAPTOONS Singapore1 min read

19 July 2011 < 1 min read


Call for Entries: SNAPTOONS Singapore1 min read

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Specifically, TBS Asia-Pacific and its regional Cartoon Network division have launched a localized version of their SNAPTOONS project — a pitch program — targeting animation studios, professional animators, and independent animators with an original story to tell.

The project is a relatively open-ended submission opportunity for local artists to earn developmental support for what Cartoon Network hopes will be the next big thing.

Although not as hands-on of an approach as a regional studio-by-studio tour, SNAPTOONS (Short New Asia Pacific Cartoons) is an on-going project under CN’s guidance that encourages homegrown talent to submit homegrown content. The mandate for SNAPTOONS entrants is simple: Send in something funny, original, character-driven, and keyed to target demos, and they’ll take a look at it.

The plan is to whittle down the entrants into a small group of top-notch pitches, five at most, which will be developed into broadcast-quality short films (The selection process is tiered, but the final “development projects” will earn series bible treatment/supervision among other opportunities.).


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