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Begging and borrowing: how indie films are made

19 July 2011


Begging and borrowing: how indie films are made

Last year alone, industry figures show that 58 of the 87 local movies released were considered digital or indie films as big production houses drastically reduced their output.

No wonder many consider indie movies as the last lifeline of the local film industry, whose death had been predicted decades ago.

However, while Filipino indie filmmakers may have all the bright ideas, the interesting scripts, and the unique concepts, without the necessary production budget, everything would remain on paper.

Money, after all, makes the world go “Ëśround, and the indie filmmaking industry is no exception.

Cheaper to make a big movie
While major production companies have budgets starting at P10 million (which in some cases, is the talent fee of major actors alone), indie films could be made for as little as P500,000.


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