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Living on the edge1 min read

18 July 2011 < 1 min read


Living on the edge1 min read

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Dedicating his life to the study of movies, one independent curator and film critic is part Marxist egalitarian and part elitist art lover. THEO PANAYIDES meets him

Cinema is a house with many rooms ““ but it often seems like most of those rooms are shuttered, dark and dusty. People watch more movies (and moving images) than ever before; we watch them on TV, at the multiplex, on our PlayStations, on our computers and mobile phones, even stuck in our cars, idly absorbing ads and music videos on animated billboards as we wait for the lights to change ““ yet it often seems like almost all of us are watching the same few things.

How many punters will the new Harry Potter ensnare? Tens, maybe hundreds of millions; maybe even billions, once you factor in TV and DVD. “˜How do you feel about Harry Potter?’ I ask Federico Rossin as we sip a couple of Belgian ales outside Brew Fellas in Nicosia. But he shrugs: “I have never seen Harry Potter”.

Such blithe indifference to the boy wizard would be unusual in anyone. In someone who works in film (even, to some extent, in the film industry), it’s almost inconceivable ““ but in fact Federico spends his days in the other rooms, the dusty shuttered rooms which most people barely even know about. You can’t even say he works there, not really.


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