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Chinese animation focuses on teens1 min read

15 July 2011 < 1 min read


Chinese animation focuses on teens1 min read

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Chinese animation firm Luoyang Jingrui Film and Animation (河南洛陽菁銳文化傳播有限公司) is preparing to deliver its teen-focused feature film Peony (牡丹, pictured) for the end of the year.

The Henan-based company claims to be among the country’s most technologically advanced and to have employed some 200 animation staff on the RMB62 million ($9.5 million) CG-animated picture.

Directed by Ken Wang (王肯), the film is a good-versus-evil fable pitching a princess against a trouble-making girl who tries to poison the residents of the Valley of Blooming Flowers.

The company unveiled the project at a moment when feature animation is making itself felt in China. High end local film Legend of A Rabbit (兔俠傳奇) is currently on release on Chinese screens. Dreamworks’ Kung Fu Panda 2 has made more than RMB600 million ($92.4 million) while raising the hackles of nationalists.


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