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Weekend dose of history1 min read

14 July 2011 < 1 min read


Weekend dose of history1 min read

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Like most people, I was at the top floor of Trinoma last Sunday, standing in line for half an hour before I could buy my tickets. It was a particularly great weekend to go to the movies, featuring the final installment of the final installment of the Harry Potter series, along with Transformers 3 (two cinemas devoted to 3D!) and this year’s remake of Temptation Island. It promised to be a titillating night at the movies; the only problem was getting good seats.

I had the opposite problem. I was lined up at the ticket counter to watch a relatively obscure little film called “Amigo”. I had no problem getting good seats; the problem was I didn’t know whether to expect any excitement or titillation.

Amigo is American filmmaker John Sayles’ take on America’s first forgotten war: the Philippine-American War. As far as I’ve read, it is one of only two films that tackle that forgotten part of American history (the other being The Real Glory in the “˜30s.)

And quite like its subject matter, it’s been all but forgotten at the box office. If not for a handful of professors, I would never have heard about it. There were maybe 40 people in the cinema, most of them my age. Maybe they were there on assignment, too.


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