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China spreads cultural influence through movies1 min read

12 July 2011 < 1 min read


China spreads cultural influence through movies1 min read

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In an attempt to spark cultural understanding through insight into film, China’s government showcases its movies in “Chinese Film Week” in Jakarta and Surabaya as a key element of the “Experience China” festivities in Indonesia.

The films, all released in the past two years, included Ocean Heaven, Eternal Moment, City Monkey and After Shock, can all be seen to deal with family dynamics and relationships in a modern China.

Ocean Heaven (2010), follows an autistic 21-year old son and his terminally ill father in their heart-wrenching struggle to find a home for the son when the inevitable passing of the father shall occur. The lack of appropriate care facilities in China and the son’s disabilities make this quest near impossible, as it tests the patience and relationship to their fullest.

The romantic film based on the popular TV-series from the 90’s, Eternal Moment (2011), explores the complex dynamics of love and money, as a couple is placed in three separate scenarios surrounding love, divorce and reuniting based on the reconnection of two high school sweethearts.


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