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Indonesia Film Importers Can’t Have Cinemas1 min read

11 July 2011 < 1 min read


Indonesia Film Importers Can’t Have Cinemas1 min read

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VIVAnews – The Fiscal Policy Agency said in a statement that top film producers should have set up branches in Jakarta to prevent monopoly from being put into practice by film importers who own cinemas.

“Hollywood may nominate a film importer who in the same time doesn’t own any cinema,” said Acting Chief of the Fiscal Policy Agency, Bambang Brodjonegoro, on Thursday, July 7.

More detailed information is required so as to update both importers and exporters with government regulations.

It is almost impossible to restrict the distribution of foreign movies , he said, as such done by China, for instance, which limits the circulating Hollywood movies to 20-30 films per year.

Singapore applies zero import duty because it is not supported by strong national film industry.

Meanwhile, in Thailand, the athorities control the distribution of foreign films.


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