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Sex Volunteer1 min read

8 July 2011 < 1 min read


Sex Volunteer1 min read

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Sex volunteering – sex without profit nor love. Director Cho-Kyeong Duk raises interesting questions in this award winning film.

Sex Volunteer will be screening at Sinema Old School on the 15th and 23rd of July. Click here to book your tickets now >>

A group of three people, a young female student, Ye-Ri, a disabled handicap, Chun-Guil, and a priest, gets arrested in a hotel room for a suspected prostitution. During police investigation, the group claims that the girl was a volunteer, a sex volunteer.

Chun-Guil, who can not use arms or legs, has taught himself to become a poet. However, he failed to express his feelings to his first crush. He also fails to meet his online date due to her family’s objections.

Feeling desperate and knowing his death is imminent, Chun-Guil confesses to the priest that he wants to feel a sexual pleasure in his life time. As the priest contemplates Chun-Guil’s confession, Ye-Ri, a young film student, comes to the light.

Ye-Ri, who’ve made a short film about red light districtprostitutes, wants to create a film about “sex volunteering” based on her own story”¦


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