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Short films bigger and better1 min read

6 July 2011 < 1 min read


Short films bigger and better1 min read

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LACKING length, short films need to convey a whole story arc in a short space of time, which means filmmakers have to throw everything they have at the project.

“The shorter time means they rely on all medium of film ““ the lighting, sound, visual images and mood and are often less reliant on chunks of dialogue to tell the story,” said Christina Hyde, co-chairman of the local short film festival.

Every year, the Short Sharp Film Festival, screened at Jetty Memorial Theatre, has grown in size as the fame spreads in the national and international film community.

“The growth has been at a local, national and international level ““ more than double than last year,” Ms Hyde said.

Finalists have been chosen from the 68 entries received from around the world ““ including films made in Singapore, Canada, Switzerland, Mexico, UK and USA.


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