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My All-Too-Brief Acting Career1 min read

6 July 2011 < 1 min read


My All-Too-Brief Acting Career1 min read

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I’m having a drink with an Oscar-winning director about my upcoming scene with Jamie Chung, the star of such movies as The Hangover Part II.

“Be gentle with Jamie,” Bill Guttentag says. “She’s a sweet person.”

I hadn’t thought of myself as particularly dangerous, but then, as a total amateur when it comes to acting, I suppose I’m something of a wild card.

I’m in San Francisco to see how a movie is actually crafted and to grab a fleeting moment of silver-screen excitement by playing a blogger. The idea was sold to me as the cinematic version of a George Plimpton fantasy. (Plimpton was the writer who was briefly allowed to play quarterback in a Detroit Lions preseason game a half-century ago.)

Knife Fight, which examines the bloody backstage tactics of electoral politics, is the brainchild of Chris Lehane, a Democratic strategist and former Clinton White House aide I’ve gotten to know over the years. The film, due out in the fall of 2012, stars Rob Lowe of The West Wing fame playing the Lehane figure, who traffics in scandal management while juggling Senate and gubernatorial campaigns.


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