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The Buddha2 min read

5 July 2011 2 min read


The Buddha2 min read

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The Buddha animated film will be screened free of charge to the public on wide screen, a collaboration by Sinema Old School and Kong Meng San Phor Kark See Monastery.

Audiences only need to register online and buy a drink to gain admission, on a first-come-first-serve basis. There are 136 seats available. The screening will be held on 16 & 22 July 2011, 8pm, at Sinema Old School situated at Mount Sophia.

Click here to book tickets for the screening on 16th July
Click here to book tickets for the screening on 22nd July

The Buddha has been made available on home video in Singapore by Kong Meng San Phor Kark See Monastery as part of her Vesak Celebration this year.

Produced to a tune of approximately US$50 million by Thailand’s Media Standard, the film boasts high production values and rich “Walt Disney style” characters; many on the team are former members of Thai Wong, a company that worked with the media giant for decades.

Taking more than three years to complete, the production of this film did not come easy. Its producer, Dr Wallapa Phimtong started the film as a business project but it soon evolved into a personal project of spirituality and devotion. She had to sell off her cars, land and personal assets when the film was beset by financial difficulties and delays.

Even when a businessman offered to buy the rights to the film for 200 million baht, she refused the offer. “My ultimate goal, after the film has been screened in Thai theatres, is to distribute free copies to Thai schools nationwide. If I sell the project to the firm, that won’t be possible.

The film was also featured in The 2nd Asian Buddhist Film Festival here in May 2011. Directed by Krismant Wattananarong, the 105-min long film with Chinese subtitles portrays the life of Buddha – from a young prince to attaining enlightenment and reaching Nirvana.

Based on the Tipitaka and Pali Canon, it also depicts how the Buddha, one of the world’s greatest teachers, led disciples to genuine happiness through the Dharma. Said the director, “I sincerely hope that his edutainment film will be of remarkable use and help to those who are eager to know or learn about the Buddha’s life and his teaching.”

Highly entertaining with a captivating plot, weaving in the Buddhist teachings seamlessly, The Buddha is a film for the whole family, and for animation buff.

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