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Rediscovering the Unseen/Unsaid in Singapore1 min read

4 July 2011 2 min read


Rediscovering the Unseen/Unsaid in Singapore1 min read

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Curated by “a group of young, Singaporean dreamers”, the crew behind RediscoverSG “believe in little things that go a long way”. They’ve been diligently documenting the familiar sights and sounds of Singapore, and recently launched their latest series, Unseen/Unsaid.

Using narratives from everyday Singaporeans to personify forgotten trades and places, Unseen/Unsaid allow viewers a glimpse into the personal struggles of individual Singaporeans whose stories draw a parallel with the surrounding places and landscapes. The 10-part series is born out of a desire to preserve the fragments of Singapore’s past that is rapidly being replaced by new developments.

Episode 1. Bread & Butter
Derek Foo, Elizabeth (Lizzy) Lee, Lim Song Lip and Jeremy Tan, 2011, 3 minutes, Rating TBA

Episode summary
These traditional bakeries/confectioneries have survived longer than most of their competitors into the twenty-first century, and only a handful of their kind remain in business still. Rain or shine, day or night, we can count on them to deliver the goods. The dedication, consistency and monotony of their craft is reflected in many of our working parents, who have chosen to give us the best selflessly, no matter how difficult the process of raising us may be.

Lizzy and Jeremy have also created a series of DIY paper toys accompany the Unseen/Unsaid mini series, and are based on key motifs that appear in five of the ten episodes. All sales proceeds from the first 500 pieces sold by 31 December 2011 will go to MILK (Mainly I Love Kids) fund.

Look out for the next 9 episodes coming up every Wednesday at 11:00 a.m. on, till the week of 31 August, 2011.

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