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Cleopatra Wong revamped

4 July 2011


Cleopatra Wong revamped

In France to receive an honorary award at the Paris Cinéma Festival, Doris Young (楊秀娟) has announced that she will revive the Cleopatra Wong franchise into films, television shows, computer games and other new media.

Young, using the stage name “Marrie Lee”, was the lead actress of 1978 cult action classic They Call Her… Cleopatra Wong, one of the key inspirations for Quentin Tarantino’s Kill Bill movies.

Young also starred in two more movie sequels in which “Interpol’s sexiest agent” righted wrongs in Singapore, Hong Kong and the Philippines.

Festival curator Jeremy Segay said, “They Call Her… Cleopatra Wong is a landmark for Singapore cinema and remains today the most internationally successful film ever produced in the state-island.”

Doris Young acquired the international rights to the Cleopatra Wong character in mid-2010 and formed the Cleopatra Wong International company to realise the business potential of the character.


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