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Multicultural film fest beckons foreign residents1 min read

2 July 2011 < 1 min read


Multicultural film fest beckons foreign residents1 min read

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Though some 1.2 million foreigners reside in Korea, amenities for non-natives are still deemed insufficient. In hopes of filling in the cultural gap, CGV Theater, one of the country’s biggest cinema chains, is hosting the 3rd Multicultural Film Festival in Seoul beginning Thursday, through July 13.

The festival aims to provide foreign residents with an opportunity to enjoy a more diverse range of movies in Korea, according to organizers. Overseas students studying in Korea as well as migrant workers and immigrants are invited to the event.

A total of eight films from around the world as well as four homegrown works will be screened with English and Japanese subtitles at CGV Daehangno and CGV Guro.

Organizers say the films were selected by quality and popularity, mostly from Asian and European countries. “Audiences will have the chance to experience different cultures through films, which have never been released in Korean theaters,” said Yi Sang-kyu, head of PR at CGV.

“Three Idiots” (2009), an Indian road comedy about two college friends heading out on a journey to find a buddy who had changed their lives forever, will open the festival at 3:50 p.m. Saturday, at CGV Daehangno.


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