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80% Of Consumers Prefer Passive 3D Viewing: Study1 min read

30 June 2011 < 1 min read


80% Of Consumers Prefer Passive 3D Viewing: Study1 min read

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Days after a Federal Court judge ruled on the proposed banning of LG passive 3D TV marketing following a bitter fight with Samsung over passive 3D TV technology Vs Samsung’s active shutter technology, LG has released a research study that claims consumers prefer passive 3D glasses over active shutter glasses.

The Korean Company who won their Federal Court case, claims that a recent LG consumer study revealed that 80 percent of consumers prefer their 3DTV experience wearing passive glasses over more established, and more expensive, active-shutter 3DTV glasses.

The study that was conducted during the recent Federal Court trial in Australia by market research firm Morpace, measured the results of consumers when they viewed an LG Cinema 3D HD LCD TV against active-shutter-glasses based LCD TVs from Sony and Samsung.

Sony did not return requests for comment.

Samsung executives in Australia said “We believe active [shutter technology] is the best solution for consumers, as it’s the only 3D in-home solution to provide FullHD and with our particular execution you have wider viewing angles than passive at 178 degrees both horizontally and vertically.”


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