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Good Old Boy Returns in Remake of Classic Indonesian Film1 min read

28 June 2011 < 1 min read


Good Old Boy Returns in Remake of Classic Indonesian Film1 min read

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It seems that Jakarta’s film buffs are talking about one thing these days: the return of a cinematic icon to the silver screen. “Catatan Harian Si Boy” (“Boy’s Diary”), hitting local theaters on July 1, is the debut offering from director Putrama Tuta, which revives a film favorite character from the 1980s.

With four previous film titles, most notably 1987’s “Catatan Si Boy,” and a radio drama series under his belt, Boy is the character every teenager in the 1980s either wanted to be or date- a sensitive heartthrob from a rich family who is a good Muslim to boot. The Suharto-era hero was the picture of capitalist modernity, driving everywhere in his silver BMW.

Boy (Ongky Alexander), is set to return to the screen in the new film, but not as the main character. The movie’s storyline revolves around the diary Boy kept in the previous films, now in the possession of his former teenage sweetheart, Nuke (Ayu Azhari).

When Nuke falls ill and ends up in hospital, her daughter Natasha (Carissa Puteri) returns home from London to look after her. Natasha finds Boy’s diary gripped in the hands of her mother, who is lying near-comatose in the hospital bed. Intrigued by the diary’s story of her mother’s love affair with Boy, Natasha vows to find the former love interest and bring him to the hospital in the hopes he can revive her mother’s will to live.


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