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Living the “˜bejalai’ concept

22 June 2011


Living the “˜bejalai’ concept

IF one had the chance to watch the captivating documentary entitled Passage to Malaysia ““ Revealed: Malaysia’s Royal Rites, a one-hour documentary aired on Discovery Channel last year, one will marvel at the details that went into filming it and the beautiful script that went along with it.

The film was nominated as the Best Documentary in the Asia TV Awards 2010.

It comes to mind that the person behind such a production must have had an eye for details and valuable knowledge of oral tradition.

Thus it was a surprise that the person behind the documentary is none other than 38-year-old Sarawakian David Nading Moggie, the director of Reel Networks Films Sdn Bhd.

David pointed out that his creative juices were nurtured by his Iban roots especially the concept of bejalai.

David, the son of Tan Sri Dr Leo Moggie, one of Sarawak’s illustrious politicians and former Federal Cabinet minister, has made a name for himself as a pioneer in the international documentary and factual content in the Asia-Pacific TV market.


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