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Indian cinema in the US: data mining1 min read

22 June 2011 < 1 min read


Indian cinema in the US: data mining1 min read

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Just three years after deciding to enter the US market, BIG Cinemas, India’s largest cinema chain, operates 205 screens in 24 US cities stretching from Illinois to California to Florida, showing Hindi and Tamil language films to the movie-mad Indian diaspora.

Now, as its US operations reach saturation point, the group is looking at a new way to maintain earnings growth: opening its customer database to ethnic minority marketeers.

Anil Arjun, chief executive of Reliance Mediaworks, which owns the chain, says:

If you look at the Indian diaspora in the US, their median income is higher than the average American. This consumer is largely ignored by mainstream marketing groups, but we could be the key for mainstream corporates to connect with the Indian community. We have developed an understanding of the likes and preferences of our Indian customers and we can provide access to this affluent group and targetted advertising space for them.

According to the Brookings Institution, 83 per cent of US population growth over the past decade has come from ethnic minority groups, especially Hispanic, African-American and Asian-American.


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