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Ten new films, 100 minutes1 min read

21 June 2011 < 1 min read


Ten new films, 100 minutes1 min read

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Just a thought: Trials are not the reason to give up but a challenge to improve ourselves. Our pain is not an excuse to back out but an inspiration to move on.

MANILA, Philippines — Ten films, 100 minutes: What better way to celebrate a milestone marking a century of presence in the Philippines than by capturing moments in a people’s collective life on film?

Nestlé Philippines could have done the usual de riguer, holding centennial parties, staging a concert, etc. as the food company famous the world over for its 6,000 brands went a step forward by producing no less than 10 short films of 10 minutes each.

The films, unveiled in a series of previews and premieres in various venues recently, capture the Filipino experience amidst the values embodied by each of Nestlé’s pillar brands.

Directed by nine directors who have earlier megged TV commercials for Nestlé, the films tackle various themes that recur in everyday Filipino life. There’s love of country (“Silup” by Jun Reyes), love of family (“The Howl and the Fussyket” by Chris Martinez), love of self and bouncing back from tragedy (“Downtown” by Stephen Ngo), etc.


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