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Taking Asian Films to the World1 min read

15 June 2011 < 1 min read


Taking Asian Films to the World1 min read

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The inaugural ScreenSingapore, a film event designed to promote Asian cinema to the international film community, ended with a serious showing of star power on Saturday night, thanks to the presence of Hollywood legend Tom Hanks and Chinese superstar Zhang Ziyi on the red carpet.

The week-long event was primarily intended as a forum for producers, investors, policy makers and filmmakers to connect and build networks. It featured several high-profile events, including the international premiere of Hanks’ new movie, “Larry Crowne,” on the closing night.

Hanks produced and directed the film, and he stars in it alongside Julia Roberts. The comedy revolves around Larry Crowne (Hanks), a middle-aged man who loses his job because he never went to college. Dealing with unemployment, he attends a community college where he meets Professor Mercedes Tainot (Roberts).

Saturday’s festivities were graced by Zhang, an ambassador for ScreenSingapore. Zhang went to the festival to promote her upcoming movie, “Love for Life,” a Chinese production about a couple grappling with AIDS.


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