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Summer films that will have you screaming

13 June 2011


Summer films that will have you screaming

From the return of the Ghostface killer to a cutthroat competition between pop stars and a bunch of killer cats, the summer horror season will have people screaming in their seats.

Ghostface got things started with the fourth film in the “Scream” slasher series opening in Korea yesterday.

What began in 1996, the “Scream” franchise has since become one of the most successful horror films ever. But frequent parodies and a tired plot wore down audiences and the creators, and it has been a decade since the release of “Scream 3″ (2000).

In order to differentiate it from its predecessors, new characters have been added to the fourth “Scream,” according to Kim Tae-ju, a public relations official at All That Cinema, the film’s Korean distributor.


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Via Korean Joongang Daily

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