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Children’s Films Face Obstacles in China1 min read

3 June 2011 < 1 min read


Children’s Films Face Obstacles in China1 min read

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China produces dozens of children’s films a year, but many of them are only screened in school auditoriums on Children’s Day and must wait to air on television, the “Guangming Daily” reports.

Because most children’s movies have difficulties earning a profit in cinemas, more government subsidies are needed to support them, said the report. But this does not mean that China cannot produce good children’s films.

The recently screened “Close To Me” received enthusiastic applause from audiences at its premiere in Beijing and Shenzhen. The story of a policewoman helping a criminal’s child find her relatives moved both children and their parents, the report said.

Zhao Baohua, a dramatist, said many good children’s movies are not profitable because children do not have independent purchasing power. They need to be organized, mainly by schools, to watch films. In addition, most children’s films attract inadequate investment and fail to draw good producers and technical support, Zhao said.

Besides these limitations, producers must improve the quality of children’s movies.


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