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X marks the soft spot1 min read

2 June 2011 < 1 min read


X marks the soft spot1 min read

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The mission was to infiltrate a group of mutants. But without any superpowers of my own, the best bet was to go for the sympathy switch to get them on my side.

I told both James McAvoy and Michael Fassbender – who play young Professor X and Magneto in the new X-Men: First Class movie – that I flew an exhausting 14 hours straight from Singapore to London just so I could meet my two favourite superheroes, before they were superheroes, in the flesh.

I leaned back in my chair and waited for the outpouring of empathy. It never came. “Oh, no pressure with this interview then, eh?” grinned Fassbender. “Thanks for taking the flight!”

“Aww, thanks very much. Talking about tired, you’re my, I don’t know, fourth interview of the day, I think?” said McAvoy with a mischievous twinkle in his eye.


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