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Sinema Showoff! Class of 2010 DVD7 min read

30 May 2011 5 min read


Sinema Showoff! Class of 2010 DVD7 min read

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Sinema Showoff! Class Of 2010 DVD: Special Singapore Day Edition

Mamak’ stores; chatty taxi drivers; hawker food – these are all aspects of local culture that any Singaporean can easily identify with. Sinema Showoff! presents the Class Of 2010 DVD: Special Singapore Day Edition. The series is a collection of Singapore’s emerging filmmakers not to be missed, originally produced as part of Sinema Old School’s free monthly community film programme. We are offering you the chance to secure a copy of this limited edition which was commissioned by the Ministry of Information Communication & the Arts (MICA) for Singapore Day 2011, held on 16 April in Shanghai.

The Special Singapore Day Edition of ‘Sinema Showoff! Class of 2010’ is a limited release that comprises six short films that have won both local and international acclaim, and is curated by Ramasamy Rajesree (Singapore Polytechnic) and Sueanne Teo (Sinema). As a whole, the films explore familiar aspects of Singaporean culture, and are emblematic of the multiculturalism that Singapore is known for. They make for an honest portrayal of growing up and family life in Singapore, from the perspectives of both young and old.

The original 2010 Sinema Showoff! series was curated by academic staff and students from School of Architecture & the Built Environment (Diploma in Integrated Events & Project Management), Singapore Polytechnic.

Sazali Bin Masraji | Malay | 17 mins | PG

My Father Sazali depicts a barber’s unfulfilled aspirations and his quest to prevent his son from following in his footsteps. His son is inspired by his father’s work as a barber and works hard to pursure his dream of becoming a hairstylist, much to his father’s dismay. The film explores the meaning of family, and the diverging expectations between parents and the next generation in a modern society.

About the director:
Sazali worked as a freelance camera operator for six years for various production and event companies. he also taught Malay drama part-time for two years in Secondary schools before joining the Prison School as a support officer. He currently works as a multimedia officer in Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA) producing corporate videos. My Father Sazali is the first official short film that he wrote and directed. Sazali holds a Diploma in Film, Sound & Video from Ngee Ann Polytechnic.

2.        MASALA MAMA
Michael Kam | Tamil, Hokkien & English | 9 mins | PG

A Chinese boy steals a comic magazine from a ‘mama’ store (traditional convenience store run by an Indian uncle). The effeminate “˜mama’ confronts him, and finds out that he is the son of a poor ‘garung kuni’ (rag & bone) man with a foul temper. He realizes that the boy loves to draw, despite his circumstances. The two form a strange bond even though they can barely communicate. The film ends with a ‘showdown’ between the boy’s father and the unlikely pair, where the ‘mama’ and the boy become superheroes…

About the director:
Michael Kam holds a Bachelor in Engineering (Electrical and Electronic Engineering) from Nanyang Technological University (NTU). Upon graduation, he took up a post-graduate diploma in Ngee Ann Polytechnic’s School of Film & Media Studies where he is currently a full-time lecturer. Prior to his academic appointment he was in marketing and promotions at Shaw Organisation. Michael himself was a regular patron of a “˜mama’ shop in Oxley Road where he grew up as a child in the 1970s. The film was based largely on his own childhood experiences. , and is his fourth short film. It has been screened at the Berlin Film Festival 2010 and the Cleveland International Film Festival 2010, as well as the Singapore International Film Festival 2010.

Nicole Midori Woodford | Mandarin & English | 21mins | PG

Food inexplicably intertwines two families in which a son and a daughter struggle to gain acceptance from their respective parents.

About the director:
Nicole Midori Woodford graduated from Nanyang Technological University, School of Art, Design & Media. Nicole who is of Eurasian descent believes that film has the power to pull diverse cultures together and to make concrete the innate connection that exists between people of different ages and backgrounds. Nicole’s films reflect her love for photography and music which beautifully capture parallel narratives and the spaces in-between. KITCHEN QUARTET is Nicole’s fifth short film, and was the Official Selection at the Singapore International Film Festival 2010 as well as the Singapore Melbourne Film Festival 2010.

Elgin Ho | English, Mandarin & Bahasa Indonesia  | 17 mins | PG

The film surrounds two main characters from different backgrounds – an Indonesian domestic helper who is about to return to her home in Indonesia, and a Singaporean taxi driver who is unhappy with the state that his family is in. Both share similar expectations through their struggle, searching for ideals of life in Singapore. The film is set on the day of the 2004 tsunami in Indonesia. Their lives interweave abruptly as they learn of the devastating news.

About the director:
Elgin Ho was born in Hong Kong during the 80s while the country’s cinema industry was booming. He got greatly inspired by the countless movies his parents brought him to watch every weekend. Little did he know that the magical connection experienced, would very much influence him in the way he now crafts his stories. Elgin’s family relocated to Singapore in 1990. He has since become a Singapore citizen. His previous short films have made appearances in film festivals all over the world, including cities such as Pusan, Auckland, Toronto, Rome and Croatia receiving numerous awards. Elgin recently graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts (Digital Filmmaking) from Nanyang Technological University (NTU).

5.           SANTAN (COCONUT MILK)
Farhan Zulkifli | Malay | 8 mins | G

Santan tells a simple story of a young schoolboy, Adam, and an encounter with the resident ‘crazy man’ in his neighbourhood. He drops his file when his conversation with a new female classmate is interrupted by the “˜crazy man’, and only realizes this when he is at home. His mother sends him out again to buy coconut milk. He bumps into his new friend and the pair set off to retrieve his file, and together they approach the ‘crazy man’.

About the director:
Farhan Zulkifli holds a diploma in Film, Media & TV from Ngee Ann Polytechnic and is currently serving his National Service.

6.        NATIONAL DAY

He Shuming | Mandarin, Chinese Dialect (Hainanese) & English | 19 mins | PG

Wei has finally collected enough National Day Parade tickets for the whole family. However, tragedy strikes and his father dies suddenly. The family can no longer attend the parade, as National Day coincides with the 7th day after his father’s sudden death. The family gives up the parade to observe a traditional Chinese custom waiting for the father’s soul to return home for the last time before its final journey into the afterlife. The film contrasts the celebration of Singapore’s progress as a nation with the sombre mood of a family that has lost a loved one.

About the director:
He Shuming graduated from The Puttnam School of Film, LASALLE College of The Arts, majoring in Film Directing. His strength lies in narrative drama and he captures the essence of ordinary Singapore households in his stories. Shuming has also done art direction for Boo Junfeng (TANJONG RHU) and Royston Tan (881 & ANNIVERSARY). He is currently freelancing as a director and editor. NATIONAL DAY is his third short film and has been screened in France and London as well as in Singapore. To date, he has written and directed four short (4) films.

The DVD is priced at S$19.90. Delivery charges apply (according to the weight of package + S$2.24 for registered mail). Purchase the DVD online here.

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