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Thai animation set for global sales push1 min read

19 May 2011 < 1 min read


Thai animation set for global sales push1 min read

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Krit Sakulpanich, managing director of Dream Express, said the company had set up a wholly owned subsidiary, Byte in a Cup, to export Thai animations to overseas markets. “We and Igloo have jointly developed ‘The Salads’ animation, which has been divided into 26 episodes of 15 minutes each,” Krit said.

The company and Igloo will jointly own the right to “The Salads” TV series, while Igloo itself will own the rights to the characters.

Krit said the company would launch roadshows to introduce “The Salads” to new markets, including France’s Cannes Film Festival in October.

“Thai animation people have good minds and skill in art. They can produce quality animation using the same technology used by other professional animation studios around the world,” he said.


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