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Brave Girl needs help2 min read

18 May 2011 2 min read


Brave Girl needs help2 min read

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Brave Girl, a short film exploring con-artists of the sex industry in India through the lens of a young Nepali girl, needs your help.

The 20-minute film has raised $27,900, just $2,100 shy of their goal of $30,000 through funding platform Film makers and producers for Brave Girl only have 27 hours left to raise the remaining $3,100 or else the funds will not be processed, according to the terms of agreement with Kickstarter.

“It’s only a 20-minute film, but we are flying working professionals from Los Angeles to the middle of nowhere, Nepal; to make something that looks like a million bucks but only costs thirty thousand. And we need just a little more help to make it to our $30K goal” ¬†described Stephanie Bousley, producer of Brave Girl.

The film aims to raise awareness of human trafficking, especially within communities in countries such as Nepal where because of the lack of education, young children are often tricked into this modern day slavery.

Director Erin Galey and producer Binod Adhikari have even spent months together in Nepal researching the story, casting, and location scouting. The following is a photo of Erin with Binod’s family in a mountain village in Gorkha.

In an email from producer Stephanie Bousley, she pleads “Erin and I have really tapped everyone we know, everywhere; and we will be hugely sad if we miss our fundraising goal by only $3100. If you like me; if you like films; or if you feel like Sex Trafficking is an important issue where awareness needs to be raised, please donate to this cause. If you can’t or have already donated, tell a few friends about the project. Put it on your Facebook or Twitter. Thanks and Namaste.”

To pledge a donation, click here, or find out more at the film’s Facebook page

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