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Summer indies to look out for1 min read

14 May 2011 < 1 min read


Summer indies to look out for1 min read

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Counter-programming. That’s what Hollywood studios call the smaller, dialogue-driven movies that come out during the summer alongside the special-effects extravaganzas.

The type of patrons who haunt the Spectrum 8 Theatre call this programming something else: the only movies they’ll be seeing this summer.

So what is in store for them and for others who want to avoid the summer spectacles? Work from filmmakers who always have something interesting to show and tell like Woody Allen, Wayne Wang, Lone Scherfig and Terrence Malick, and an accomplished directing debut from Vera Farmiga.

Much-anticipated adaptations of best-sellers. And a double bill of Helen Mirren.
The following release dates are from the studios and are subject to change in general, and especially when they may arrive in the Capital Region:


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