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Narrowing the Export Gap in Indies1 min read

14 May 2011 < 1 min read


Narrowing the Export Gap in Indies1 min read

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THE director Lixin Fan had already shown “Last Train Home,” his acclaimed documentary about Chinese migrant workers, around the world when, a few weeks ago, he finally got to screen it for Wuhan, his hometown. And, more important, for his mother.

“Mom invited all her best friends to be my cheering section,” Mr. Fan said. “And that was very special, because it took me years to make this film, and I never had much time to spend with her.” He said he felt guilty.

In Chinese culture a child is supposed to support his parent, “and the family should be together, the way they are in my film,” he said. “The day I brought the film to Wuhan I felt somehow I was repaying her for my not being a good Chinese son.”

Mr. Fan’s mother is not exactly the “underserved audience” that the organizers of Film Forward had in mind when they started bringing independent film to unlikely global locations in December. But she does suggest that the benefits of such a program can be a two-way street of enlightenment and validation.


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