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The 6 types of film directors1 min read

11 May 2011 < 1 min read


The 6 types of film directors1 min read

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The relationship between a director and his actors is crucial. Director and actors need to understand each other, be there for each other and work together because, essentially, they are working toward the same goal: the director wants a good film, and the actors want a good film to look good in.

The thing is: we are talking about professionals, yes, but also human beings, with their different quirks, habits and mannerisms, all of which come into play during those long months of shooting in deserts/jungles/foreign countries/islands (or those work-crammed stressful seven days, like is often the case of low-budget small productions).

Different directors handle their relationship with the actors ““ particularly with the lead ones – in different ways.

Here’s 6 common types of directors:

1.The “˜Thank God I cast you’ type:
Sometimes directors are lucky, like Peter Jackson when he was shooting Lord of the rings. During one scene, Viggo Mortensen was killing Orcs as Aragorn when one of them wacked him in the face with his sword.


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