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New Brooks Institute Documentary Reveals the Spirit of Vietnam

11 May 2011


New Brooks Institute Documentary Reveals the Spirit of Vietnam

More than 35 years after the Vietnam War ended, hearing about the Southeast Asian country still conjures images of war and suffering for many Americans. “From Within,” a new documentary from Brooks Institute in California, aims to change that perception.

“Instead, you will see the beautiful, vibrant culture that is Vietnam. There is great hope, spirit and innovation going on right now in Vietnam.”

Every year a select group of students from Brooks Institute’s Visual Journalism, Professional Photography and Film programs travel overseas to put together a documentary about the country they visit. This year, 10 students spent seven weeks in Vietnam to create “From Within,” a documentary, book and exhibit celebrating the vibrant spirit of Vietnam.

Paul Myers, faculty in Visual Journalism who leads the documentary project, was drawn to Vietnam because he saw the opportunity to show American audiences that there is more to the country than the ghosts from the war that plagued it for 20 years. In fact, the documentary never even mentions the war.


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