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“˜Priest’: Korean graphic novel meets Hollywood1 min read

9 May 2011 < 1 min read


“˜Priest’: Korean graphic novel meets Hollywood1 min read

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There’s a new vampire movie in town, and no, there’s hardly anything romantic about this.

Forget beautiful, pale undead beings that shimmer under the sun, who spend a good amount of time romancing high school girls.

Thank God vampires are vampires again, Paul Bettany had noted on his “Conan” guest appearance. And the vampires here look pretty gnarly, indeed.

Bettany, of course, plays the title role in “Priest,” described as a “post-apocalyptic action horror film” directed by Scott Stewart. The inspiration for the movie comes from Korean artist and writer Min-Woo Hyung’s critically acclaimed 16-volume manwha series, also titled “Priest,” published in the United States by leading graphic novel publisher TokyoPop.

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