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The coming age of wide-screen movies in Vietnam1 min read

6 May 2011 < 1 min read


The coming age of wide-screen movies in Vietnam1 min read

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Except for those in big cities like Hanoi, HCM City, Hai Phong, Bien Hoa, Da Nang and Vung Tau, people often complain that they want to watch a movie in a cinema but there is no cinema.

Most of the existing cinemas are old, unused or hired to do other business. The market for wide-screen movies only covers big cities, and the market is ruled by several systems of cinemas like Megastar, Galaxy, BHD and Saigon Movies Media, totaling over 100 cinemas.

From 2005 through 2010, this market grew impressively with a total revenue rocketing from $1.2 million/year to $25 million, according to Megastar. Some modern cinema complexes were built in big cities, creating a new market segment for high-income earners.

Vietnamese audience have had chances to enjoy Hollywood blockbusters at the same time as audiences in the rest of the world. Vietnamese film studios have also produced many commercial films for the local market.

However, the market for wide-screen movies in Vietnam is very fierce. Many locally-made films cannot compete with Hollywood movies to get the best projection rooms or the best screening timetables.


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