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India’s first queer short film contest hits web1 min read

6 May 2011 < 1 min read


India’s first queer short film contest hits web1 min read

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For the city’s queer community, this could well be a year of firsts. The week-long Queer Azadi Mela set the ball rolling in January, and now, Kashish, the upcoming second edition of the LGBT film festival will have another first to offer-an online competition for queer short films.

The Kashish Coffee Break Online competition, presented by the Seattle-based Indieflix, will feature 10 shorts, including four Indian entries.

“With this, we can say the world is invited. Anyone can participate in Kashish-from their homes, offices or while sipping coffee at a cafe. With this, we want to bring LGBT films to the mainstream,” said festival director, Sridhar Rangayan. “I am especially excited about Indian short films vying with others from around the world,” he added.

“Last year, the audience was limited. There were constraints of time as well as geography. Short films were lost among other feature length entries. This year, we decided to focus on them with a concentrated showcase,” Rangayan said.


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Via The Times Of India

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