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‘Locarno’ and ‘Open Doors’ a Big Win for Indian Film Projects1 min read

4 May 2011 < 1 min read


‘Locarno’ and ‘Open Doors’ a Big Win for Indian Film Projects1 min read

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Mike Medvoy headlines the Locarno Film Festival’s “Open Doors” lab. This year the event is held in India and highlights 18 films that are part of the screening at the event. It’s a big win for theater and film in that country.

Move over Cannes Festival because the 64th edition of the “Open Doors” lab in India this year highlights some notable films and talent, the best in the business.

Of the 200 screening submissions, only 12 projects made the cut for the August 3-13 event in New Delhi. The picks come from a pool of projects so creative, that many will go on to win coveted awards in various genres.

India not only is a large country, boasting over a billion strong in population, it is a country defined by diversity on many fronts.

Sadly, it has been dogged by rumors of selective abortions which is under fire for its faltering economy.


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