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The La-Z-Boy Multiplex1 min read

1 May 2011 < 1 min read


The La-Z-Boy Multiplex1 min read

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Texting. Ringing phones. Overpriced M&Ms. Dax Shepard. Oh, the many reasons to avoid the movie theater. Makes you want to just stay home and fire up the Jiffy Pop, doesn’t it?

I can keep going with why the cineplex is less appealing than the DMV. In fact, why not? Tickets cost $15. Stale popcorn costs $15. Stupid Fandango “convenience fees.”

Commercials before trailers. Sticky floors. Mall rats. Sequels based on sequels that started off as Disney rides. Sequels of sequels based on TV shows that were based on toys. Sequels that are prequels of movies based on a comic book of which there were two sequels-and a spinoff. And did I mention Dax Shepard?

So those are the reasons why this summer I’ll be getting most of my cinematic entertainment, with the exception of a handful of movies, at home, through the Internet, on my couch.

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via The Wall Street Journal

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