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‘Ice Kacang’ director now Singapore movie’s lead star1 min read

29 April 2011 < 1 min read


‘Ice Kacang’ director now Singapore movie’s lead star1 min read

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KUALA LUMPUR: After making his film directorial debut on hit romantic comedy Ice Kacang Puppy Love last year, Penang-born Tan Kheng Seong has landed the lead role in a new Singapore-based film called The Wedding Diary.

Tan, better known as Ah Niu, will be playing Cai Weijie who comes from a middle-class Hokkien family in Malaysia and is about to begin his career as an engineer in Singapore. There, he meets Zhang Zhixin (Hong Kong’s Elanne Kong) from a rich Singapore family. The two get married, face ups and downs in their relationship, and the young couple learn that happiness comes from understanding, honesty and tolerance.

The film also stars Hong Kong veteran actress Kara Hui who won Best Actress at the 29th Hong Kong Film Awards last year for her role in Ho Yuhang’s At The End Of Daybreak.

Shooting of The Wedding Diary, directed by Adrian Teh and co-produced by Singapore’s Asia Tropical Films and Clover Films, started a few days ago in Singapore. The crew will also be filming in Penang.


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