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India: Telugu film industry workers extend strike1 min read

27 April 2011 < 1 min read


India: Telugu film industry workers extend strike1 min read

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Striking workers from the Telugu film industry, including technicians, lighting, production and women’s-production workers, rejected the Andhra Pradesh Film Chamber of Commerce pay rise offer of 32 percent and decided to remain on strike to demand a better offer.

Strikers from 17 other disciplines returned to work after their representatives took up the chamber’s offer.

Over 14,000 members of the Andhra Pradesh Film Industry Employees Federation struck on April 8, halting production on 18 big-budget films to demand higher wages. This was the second time this year Telugu film workers had struck over salaries. According to the federation, most workers, including junior artists, are paid between 350 and 365 rupees ($US8.30) for a 12-hour day.

According to the workers who are remaining on strike, they are required to be on the set for at least 16 hours, but are paid for only 12 hours. If they accepted the chamber’s offer their pay would increase from 300 to just 460 rupees. They are demanding at least 600 rupees per day to compensate for the extra hours worked.

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