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Youtube time limits soon to be a thing of the past

26 April 2011


Youtube time limits soon to be a thing of the past

Back during the summer, YouTube raised the time limit on video uploads to 15 minutes for all users. There was much fanfare and rejoicing in the streets. But soon, users realized that 15 minutes was only five minutes longer than 10, and still pretty restrictive as far as the kinds of videos users can upload.

But there’s good news for content creators who are longing for a release from their time-limit shackles: YouTube has removed the time limit entirely for some users.

Now, before you start your dance of joy, I should warn you: not everyone’s getting this feature. YouTube appears to be basing it on whether or not the user has historically followed their Community Guidelines or rules about copyrighted material.

In other words”¦ if you’ve been naughty, you probably won’t see this option in your account. Conversely, if you’ve been good”¦ consider this an early Christmas present.


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