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Philippine’s biggest cinema chain goes fully digital

26 April 2011


Philippine’s biggest cinema chain goes fully digital

Now, it’s SM’s turn to go fully digital. Following the movie and TV industries’ leap to digitization, the country’s biggest chain of mall-based cinemas is gearing up for the big switch as well.

Edgar C. Tejerero, senior vice president of SM Cinemas, told Inquirer Entertainment: “We are serious about going digital. As of now, we have 38 digital cinemas nationwide. We envision full conversion in the next two years.”

By 2013, all 226 SM cinemas in 39 malls (plus the new ones that will be built in the interim) would be fully digital.

“Theaters that show 35mm films would become virtually extinct,” said Tejerero. “We will retain only one or two 35mm projectors on standby.”

Will SM consider setting aside a 35mm-theater for art-house movies, like its specialty cinemas in the 1990s?

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