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Aku Tak Bodoh1 min read

26 April 2011 < 1 min read


Aku Tak Bodoh1 min read

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Does a Singapore film need a remake so soon? I’m not sure, and judging by the end product of Aku Tak Bodoh, a Malay language film for the Malaysian market, adopting Jack Neo’s I Not Stupid Too (the second, not the first film), the answer is a resounding no.

Unless of course the sole purpose and objective is to cash in on a successful formula, with the original being too Chinese-centric, to try and milk from a much larger audience pool.

No less than 5 production companies are involved in this, including J-Team Productions flying the solo flag from Singapore with the rest being film production houses from across the Causeway.

There has been much flak and talk about this film trying to market itself as Singapore’s First Malay Movie, which in itself is so wrong on all counts.

It’s clearly a Malaysian film, from its cast and crew right down to setting, and the only thing Singaporean about it is probably a director who hails from this part of the world, and a story that originated from Jack Neo.


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