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Mongolian Movie Gets International Recognition1 min read

21 April 2011 < 1 min read


Mongolian Movie Gets International Recognition1 min read

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A Mongolian documentary movie called “Dzud Cold Symphony” was awarded Special Jury Prize by the 16th Hong Kong Independent Short Film & Video Awards 2011, which took place in the Hong Kong Arts Center from March 16 to 20, 2011.

There are five categories, including the Open Category, Youth Category, Animation Category, Interactive Media Category and the Asian New Force Category.

Over 10 nominations from Mongolia, South Korea, Taiwan, Iran, China and Georgia competed in final round of the Asian New Force Category, and the Mongolian movie “Dzud. Cold Symphony” by famous Mongolian producer M.Buyanbadrakh was awarded the Special Jury Prize.

The 30-minute film was shot entirely in Tuvshruulekh soum of Arkhangai aimag. “My film shows the relationship between man and nature and had no set screenplay. It is just life as we saw being lived by a family trying to deal with a harsh winter,” Buyanbadrakh said.

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