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20 April 2011 < 1 min read


More of the same1 min read

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A symbiotic relationship? Yes. Increasing popularity? Yes. Politicians’ favourite? Yes, yes. The more the merrier? Yes, again. If you have seen one, you have seen all? Yes, yes, yes.

This rather simplistic quiz actually sums up the state of two of India’s favoured media obsessions ““ Bollywood and news channels.

Defying all business logic, the two completely disparate genres are growing exponentially in an already crowded market. Where “roti, kapda aur makan” is still a dream for millions, the lure of fact and fiction on screens, small and big, is beguiling.

Currently the flavour of the season, both TV news and Hindi movies are generating more heat than light, more hype than audience and more cynicism than revenue. Why?

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Via Business Standard

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