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KOFIC Unveils New Web Site1 min read

13 April 2011 < 1 min read


KOFIC Unveils New Web Site1 min read

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The Korea Film Council has officially opened its new web site, “˜KOBIZ’, increasing its capabilities to assist local and international film makers.

The creation of the new site comes in line with a broader movie which will see KOFIC boost its already significant film services to a new function to act as a gateway between Korean and international film makers and a way for international film makers to gain location support.

The opening of the site follows the announcement of KOFIC’s new incentive programme which will allow international film makers to apply for a 25% cash incentive on their production costs.

Producers can potentially receive both KOFIC’s rebate and also access some of the other generous incentive programmes offered by other local commissions.

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