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Full Trailer For Hitoshi Matsumoto’s SAYA ZAMURAI1 min read

7 April 2011 < 1 min read


Full Trailer For Hitoshi Matsumoto’s SAYA ZAMURAI1 min read

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Former TV comedian turned feature film director Hitoshi Matsumoto continues to reinvent himself with Saya Zamurai.

Obviously a restless talent Matsumoto started off strong in the feature world, his moc-doc style kaiju comedy Dai Nipponjin (Big Man Japan) premiering in Cannes.

With his second feature Matsumoto made something much more formally constructed though even more dryly absurd with Symbol. For round three Matsumoto focuses purely on his directing duties and leaves the acting to others, giving the lead to his former TV cohort Takaaki Nomi.

Nomi stars as a samurai who abandons his sword and attempts to quit his post, taking his young daughter with him. They are eventually captured and, when they are, given a unique opportunity. The penalty for desertion is death but if Nomi can succeed in making his Lord smile in the next thirty days he will be pardoned. Cue silliness.

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