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Cooking without Clothes returns bigger1 min read

6 April 2011 < 1 min read


Cooking without Clothes returns bigger1 min read

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Cooking Without Clothes is returning to a bigger screen at Sinema Old School after its feature as a telemovie for Channel U. The same production team was also responsible for the most recent  “Love 50%” telemovie on Channel U.

Cooking Without Clothes was also nominated for Best Single Drama/Telemovie Programme for the 5th Asian Television Awards 2010 along with  telemovies from Japan, Taiwan and Korea.

When Jeff quits his engineer job in pursuit of his dream as a professional chef, he could never imagine his father’s violent objection.

By sheer chance, he is discovered by a veteran TV producer, Jia Ying, whose cooking program is facing a crisis after their diva host, Yang Tai, walks out of the production.

Jia Ying manages to turn Jeff into an up and coming celebrity chef through professional packaging, while Jeff’s father joins forces with Yang Tai in a plot to stop Jeff’s dream and resurrect Yang Tai’s dying career.

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