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China’s cinematic revolution

4 April 2011


China’s cinematic revolution

Ever since the 1920s, Chinese film history has been grouped into large, monolithic blocks, as imposing as the Great Wall. There’s the First Generation of silent-movie pioneers, the Fifth Generation of “post-Maoist humanists,” the Sixth Generation that sprang from the cultural wreckage of Tiananmen Square, and so on – coinages used both in and outside China.

But it may be time to retire such static terminology, judging from the dozen highly individualistic, genre-mashing works that make up the series “Between Disorder and Unexpected Pleasures: Tales From the New Chinese Cinema.”

The program, which opens April 6 at REDCAT in downtown Los Angeles, offers a sense of how Chinese independent filmmakers are stretching the limits of the art form while overcoming undernourished budgets and steering around – or perhaps soaring over – the heads of hard-eyed government censors.

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